Jaden Cocking

"The benefits and the results of owning the reefinator are second to none. We've turned unproductive country into profitable country, from zero to making money."

Mark Swaffer

"Reefinator has definitely helped us address our issues by making these rocks very small and insignificant now for our machinery so we can pass through without any implications. "

Phil Edmonds, Calingiri, WA

"We’ve been bascially cropping around a rocky area for the past 30 years but the Reefinator has turned non-productive land into good farming land. No other machine I know could do the job in the time it does."

Graham White, Badgingarra, WA

“We had land we couldn’t crop before getting a Reefinator and now we put crop through. It’s well and truly worth it. Anyone who has rock would benefit from having a Reefinator."

Harley Pittard, Badgingarra, WA

“The finish the H4 gives us is great – making already arable country into easier working country and making it easier on your gear. Very impressed with the results."

Ashley King, Calingiri, WA

“We own two Reefinators. It’s just unbelievable what they can do. Round here, land is worth a fair bit and one or two passes with the Reefinator gains you back lot of money."

John Scotteny, Badgingarra, WA

"Looking at the machine today, it's obviously extremely heavily built and improvement over the old model for sure."