improving rehabilitation outcomes

Aside from the environmental benefits of in-situ rock crushing with one machine, Rocks Gone also works closely with a number of mine sites and native seed companies on rehabilitation programs.

Proven extensively in agricultural regions with laterite rock soils, “reefinating” land to a depth of up to 600mm creates an ideal basis for cultivating vegetation and therefore dramatically increases the performance of previously mined areas for regrowing native bush and perennial grass species or creating broad acre farm paddocks. Using the Reefinator allows rehabilitation projects to be finalized much sooner and more economically than standard methods, providing better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Rocks Gone is constantly looking to minimize its own impact on the environment by establishing and
promoting systems and processes across all aspects of its business to reduce waste material, limit pollution and minimize environmental damage. We ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation and aim to exceed industry expectations in the protection of the environment.