The Rocks Gone Group maintains inhouse expertise that constantly communicates with industry leaders seeking to share innovative environmental developments in the agriculture, mining, and energy sectors. 

In addition, our team has worked closely with mine sites and native seed companies to facilitate rehabilitation programs. Our machine creates an ideal basis for cultivating vegetation and therefore dramatically increases the performance of previously mined areas. This process creates soil conditions ripe for re-growing native bush and perennial grass species or creating broad acre farm paddocks. 

The Rocks Gone Group is constantly looking to minimise its own impact on the environment by establishing and promoting systems and processes across all aspects of its business to reduce waste material, limit pollution and minimize environmental damage.

“We have spent the last decade genuinely living and breathing our vision and values.Even now, the Team at Rocks Gone is adapting new and emerging technology to actively decrease our carbon footprint.I’m excited to see where this collaboration and innovationtakes us over the next decade.” - Tim Pannell, Managing Director