Automate Your Reefinator Operation

The Depth Master is a marvel of precision. It accurately measures the machine's ground speed (GPS-Corrected) and wheel-driven speed to calculate the tractor's load and wheel slip.

The operator simply sets the desired depth, and the Depth Master takes care of the rest. With the ability to adjust the machine's depth up to 50 times per second, it surpasses human operators in speed, ensuring the machine's tynes work consistently at an optimal load and depth.

Additionally, the Depth Master controls the leveling blade to leave the site even and smooth. Through the GPS yield map function, the Depth Master can be used to generate a GPS-colored depth map for the area being worked on, providing operators or clients with a visual representation of the progress made during the process.

The Depth master is a Rocks Gone development that controls the Depth, the Slip and the Blade of the machine.

  • Optimize your tyres life

  • Improve your Operations & Results

  • Visualize the progress accomplished

Assess compatibility of your tractor with The Depth Master