A ribbed drum crushes rock fragments into smaller particles and semi-compacts the surface for an ideal seed bed.

Ribs made of individual sections of hardened steel, ideal for tough conditions.

Rib Cleaner

Rib teeth remove rocks in Roller Ribs to maintain machine effectiveness.

Hydraulic Tynes

Upgraded to hydraulic tyne system for enhanced flexibility in navigating rough terrain and handling hard rocks.

Cost-saving hydraulics are gentle on the tractor and aggressive on rocks, eliminating the need for shear pins. Consistent performance and flexibility with hydraulic tyne system.

Heavy Duty Frame Construction

Incorporated dampers for vibration reduction

Auto-Greaser System

Hydraulic Leveling Blade

Bolted Tynes

Nine tynes with 600mm of clearance

Wear Parts

Wear parts specifically designed with hard-faced material for the best results

Heavy Duty Hitch & Jacking Leg