Reefinator a rock star

Reefinator a rock star

Rocks Gone founder Tim Pannell with the new Reefinator H4. Credit: Angie Roe

Cally Dupe, Countryman, 23 Aug 2019

Four years after releasing his groundbreaking product the Reefinator, Rocks Gone owner Tim Pannell is readying to release an upgraded version.

The WA company launched its first rock-crushing machine to free up crop and pasture potential in early 2015.

In 2017, Rocks Gone released its deep ripper, coined the Depth Charger, which breaks up clods after deep ripping with different configurations based on the Reefinator.

Rocks Gone will next week demonstrate the new Reefinator H4 at Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days.

Inventor Tim Pannell, a contractor and former Chapman Valley farmer, said the tractor-drawn rock crushing machine weighed in at 28 tonnes — six tonnes more than its predecessor — and featured ribbed, hydraulic tynes which work to “hold the rock” while it was crushed.

Mr Pannell He said the machine was ready for release after more than 2500 hours of in-field testing across WA, most of which was completed through Rocks Gone’s contracting business.

“We were finding demand for a machine that could go deeper and run longer with less intervention — because farmers want to get into this hard ground and benefit from the increased earnings potential,” he said. “The main difference is this machine can work much deeper, at 450mm, but we are looking at going deeper.”

Mr Pannell said the H4 was an “easier machine to pull”, compared to the previous version.

“It is also an easier machine to pull… it is more consistent, and we think the hydraulic tyne allows some give when we need it,” he said.

“This machine will work through stubbles and in duplex soils that no one has deep ripped before because of the mix of rock and hardpan soils, even crushing most stumps as well.

“This machine makes that viable … it cleans up those problems, which is a huge turnaround for country that previously couldn’t be ripped.”

The machine can reach depths of up to 450mm, up from the 200mm-300mm depth limit of the 300’s Reefinator.

With a 3m working width, 28 tonne ballasted weight, the H4 Reefinator will be on show at Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days at site 249.

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