Rock Crushing Machinery Sales & Contractors

Rock Crusher Farm Paddock

Farm Paddocks

  • Remove Gravel Reef and other Rock from Paddocks
  • Straighten out Run Lines
  • Reduce Turning, Overlaps and Gear Damage
  • Remove Weed Infestations
  • Increase Overall Productivity

Rock Crushed Track

Tracks / Fire Breaks

  • Improve access and response time for fire vehicles.
  • Destroy plant roots, eg mallee and wattle to reduce regrowth and ongoing maintenance.
  • Improve drainage and wet weather access
  • Crushed rock is very stable and unlikely to wash out

Recycle roadside overburden


  • Create road base from almost any type of rock
  • Recycle roadside overburden
  • Cut down protruding rock
  • Recycle old sealed roads to Roadbase
  • Stabilize roads

rock crushing

Rock Crushing

  • Stone and Rock Heaps
  • Windrows
  • Reef Rock
  • Site Works
  • Rock Quarries
  • Gravel Pits